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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Relief in Edmonton, AB

When it comes to back pain, chiropractic is a top choice for many seeking relief. For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5069 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2.

Back Pain Relief Near Me in Edmonton, AB
Back Pain Relief Near Me in Edmonton, AB

Table of Contents:

Will chiropractic help my back pain?
What causes back pain?
What is chiropractic care for back pain?

Will chiropractic help my back pain?

What to expect:

For your initial consultation with our chiropractors, a thorough health history is taken to understand the extent of your pain, frequency, duration, as well as any mechanism that may contribute to your condition. We will ask you questions pertaining to sleep, exercise regimen, work, and life balance. If you are hesitant to answer any questions, simply let the chiropractor know and your wish will be respected.

Once the chiropractor has collected enough information, she will start a physical examination consisting of observation of the curvature of the spine, gait (how you walk), range of motion (how well your spine moves), neurological, and orthopedic tests. These will help to put together a diagnosis and treatment plan, which the chiropractor will then discuss with you.

Before any treatments can be rendered, the chiropractor will explain the treatments, its risks, and benefits before proceeding. Your informed consent is important and once obtained, treatment will begin. If after a trial of care, there is no improvement to your back pain, your chiropractor will then refer you to your family doctor for further investigation, such as x-rays.

It is important for our patients to be a part of the process when it comes to their back pain care. If at any point, a patient, is hesitant or uncomfortable, our chiropractors are trained to offer other alternative plan of care, such as referring to massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, or GP.

What causes back pain?

The cause of back pain is multifactorial, meaning, there are usually more than one factors involved in causing you to have back pain. Some examples include postural strain, poor work ergonomics, trauma, work and sports related injury, strain/sprain from motor vehicle accident, age, and so on.

What is chiropractic care for back pain?

Therapy for back pain from our chiropractors at Harvest Pointe Chiropractic & Integrative Health Centre includes manipulation or gentle mobilization, soft tissue, and home care exercises. Our goal is to get you back to your activity of daily living, whether that involves returning to work or performing your favourite sports. We do this through:

Spinal manipulation or mobilization which includes moving segments of joint within its tolerable range of motion, and sometimes a gentle thrust is involved. In some cases, a popping or cracking sound is heard. This noise indicate a release of air pockets and it is not something to be concern about. The goals of spinal manipulation or joint mobilization are to increase joint mobility and decrease pain.

Soft tissue therapy is also utilized in the care of back pain. This involves addressing certain muscles that play a key role in stabilizing your back, applying pressure, or stretching these muscles. Myofascial release therapy is performed to muscles and fascia and complements spinal manipulation and mobilization. The goals of soft tissue therapy are to increase blood flow, increase flexibility or mobility, decrease pain, and increase healing.

Homecare exercises are exercise prescriptions we give to our patients to help keep their low back feeling pain-free. Did you know that by practicing stretches for your low back on a daily basis, it can decrease your chance of recurrent back pain? Some of the stretches for the low back will look similar to yoga stretches. Our chiropractors are trained to coach you through the stretches in a safe manner. Exercises that we provide help:

1. To stabilize the lumbar spine, or low back
2. Increase strength
3. Develop core activation
4. And aid with flexibility

Harvest Pointe Chiropractic & Integrative Health Centre has a team of experienced chiropractors who can help you with back pain and many other conditions. For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5069 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2. We serve patients from Edmonton AB, Beaumont AB, Nisku AB, Leduc AB, Acheson AB, and Sherwood Park AB.

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