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Kinesio Taping Therapy

Kinesio Taping Therapy in Edmonton, AB

Kinesiology is the study of movement. Kinesiology tape, often called Kinesio tape got this name because of its ability to aid muscle movement. Kinesio tape was developed to enhance athletic performance. It now has a wider range of uses and you don’t have to be an elite athlete to partake in its advantages. For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5069 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2.

Kinesio Taping Therapy Specialist Near Me in Edmonton, AB
Kinesio Taping Therapy Specialist Near Me in Edmonton, AB

Table of Contents:

What does kinesio taping do?
Is kinesio taping effective?
What 4 functions does kinesio taping help improve?
How long does it take for kinesio tape to work?

What does kinesio taping do?

Kinesio tape works to increase the blood supply into the area where it is applied. This increases the oxygen reaching the area which decreases swelling and inflammation. The tape also helps the lymphatic system drain waste materials like lactic acid. This helps the muscles perform better.

Kinesio tape works in the healing process, as well. It helps with acute pain from injuries and works to relieve pain from chorine injuries. Acute and chronic injuries cause inflammation and swelling of muscles and tissues. Kinesio tape helps to reduce that swelling and the pain associated with it.

Kinesio tape does not replace traditional athletic tape used for splinting. Athletic tape is crucial when stability is important. Athletic offers support that kinesis tape cannot. Kinesio tape allows for motion while it helps to reduce pain.

Is kinesio taping effective?

Kinesio tape is effective and has several benefits.

1. Kinesio taping will decrease pain by disrupting pain signals.
2. It increases circulation which in turn decreases inflammation. The increased circulation flushes out irritants that cause inflammation and can also reduce waste material from the lymphatic system. This increases recovery time.
3. It improves posture and muscle support. It enables weaker muscles to function better while reducing fatigue, cramping, over-contraction, and over-extension.
4. Its ability to support unstable joints allows for improved athletic performance. It does this while training the muscles to function properly allowing them to become independent and efficient. This also helps with areas that need to be retrained due to illness or injury.
5. Kinesio taping can support the endogenous analgesic system which makes it easier for the body’s natural healing system to function more efficiently.

What 4 functions does kinesio taping help improve?

Kinesio tape helps the body in various ways. Here are four areas where kinesis tape’s strength lies.

1. Kinesio taping is often used as part of a treatment plan for injuries. Kinesio taping is effective when it is used with other treatments, like chiropractic care. Its effectiveness is shown in the reduction of swelling and pain.
2. Kinesio taping helps support weak zones. It provides extra support for muscles and joints while being flexible enough to allow muscles and joints to move fluidly. It has shown success in helping IT band friction syndrome, patellofemoral stress syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis. White athletic tape is somewhat restrictive, but kinesis tape allows you to move more freely. Some studies show it can enhance movement and endurance, especially on fatigued muscles.
3. Kinesio taping can help retrain muscles that have gotten accustomed to unhealthy movements or lost function. It can be used to correct improper posture in your head and neck. One study has shown that it has helped stroke patients improve their ability to walk.
4. Kinesio taping enhances performance while protecting against injuries in athletes. Many marathon runners use the tape to keep certain muscles functioning better.

How long does it take for kinesio tape to work?

Kinesio tape is made from a fine, stretchable, and breathable material. Its elastic nature does not severely restrict the area it is applied to while it supports the muscles and tissues to facilitate strength. The tape sticks to the skin with a water-proof, medically approved adhesive. The tape can remain in place for up to four days even if you exercise or shower. Most people will notice results from the tape within 24 hours. It is fast acting and effective.

Harvest Pointe Chiropractic is now providing Kinesio taping to help athletes and anyone wanting a more natural way of participating in athletic activities or for recovery from injuries. Call to find out more about what this can do. For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5069 Ellerslie Rd SW Edmonton, AB T6X 1X2. We serve patients from Edmonton AB, Beaumont AB, Nisku AB, Leduc AB, Acheson AB, and Sherwood Park AB.

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